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Titus Crijnen 2013, after Blanchet 1730

2x8' 1x4', lute FF-f3 392/415/440

Chest organ by Henk Klop 2004

Flute 8', 4' , oct 2', Prestant 8', quint 3' discant
C-f3 Transposable 392/414/ 440/466

Derek Adlam 1969

Muselaar after Ruckers 1605

Adlam Burnett 1980

After Ruckers 1637 GG?AA/BB-d3 3x8' 1x4' lute 415

Kobald Brothers 2003

After Anton Walter 1795 FF-g3

Geert Karman 1990

Klavichord after Friederici FF-f3 415

Titus Crijnen 2014, after Ruckers 1624

Two keyboards, 2x8' 1x4' lute GG/AA-d3 392/415/440 hz

Italian harpsichord by Sebastiano Calì (2023) after Grimaldi

GG/AA-e3 415/440 herz

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