Bach family - Rie Kimura & Pieter-Jan Belder

Cultuurhuis De Paulus, Oegstgeest
21/04/2024 at 16:00


J.S. Bach: Sonata I in b for violin and harpsichord BWV 1014
C.Ph.E. Bach: Württembergische Sonate 1 in a for harpsichord Wq. 49
J.S. Bach: Sonata IV in c for violin and harpsichord BWV 1017
C.Ph.E. Bach: Sonata in B-flat for violin and obligato harpsichord Wq 77
J.S. Bach: Sonata III in E for violin and harpsichord BWV 1016

When recording the complete works of Jacques Duphly in 2014, Pieter-Jan Belder and Rie Kimura worked together for the first time. After a successful tour in Japan, they decided to perpetuate their collaboration. Their playing, focused on the rhetorical qualities in the music of the 17th and early 18th centuries, is characterized by great vitality and intensity. BBC Music Magazine on their CD (Resonus Classics, 2017) featuring the complete works for keyboard and violin by C.P.E. Bach: "Kimura elicits a lyrical flexibility from her violin, her sonorous tone enhanced by an expressive vibrato, though sparingly applied. Belder also plays with a spontaneity and sense of timing that allow the music to breathe, and with mild efficiency he alternates his continuo accompaniment with fully written out passages."


RIE KIMURA, baroque violin & PIETER-JAN BELDER, harpsichord

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